Referral Program

We want to give you some money and here is why:

We want to give you some money and here is why:

We understand how expensive repairs and renovations are; we charge people for them everyday. Whether your repairs and renovations are out of necessity or not, they aren't cheap.

So, on behalf of Rigid Exteriors, please take advantage of and endless amount of $250 prepaid Visa cards.

Here is how it works:

  1. Send your friends to where they will need to fill out an estimate request, listing you (with your name and contact info) as their referrer.
  2. Come to this page and fill out the referral form at the bottom.
  3. We will notify you, via email, when your referral decides whether or not to contract us to completely replace their roof (roof must be 1,500ft² or larger).
  4. You will receive your prepaid Visa card within 30 days of the project completion.

Hope you make lots of money off of us! If you do it right, we might pay for your entire roof!

Referral Form