Roof Tune Up

Debris Removal

Debris builds up in the most restrictive roof areas. If it is allowed to build it will dam the water and may force water underneath the roofing causing wood rot and water intrusion. We hand remove the big stuff and air blow the loose stuff so debris doesn't get the chance to do damage to your roof.

Minor Repairs

After we have removed the large debris we will be able to inspect the roof for tune-up items (tune-up items consists of broken shingles, failed pipe boots, failed vents covers, nails backing out, failed flashing, failed seals around skylights, and other minor damages). We then repair the tune-up items and make note of them.

Professional Assessment

Upon completion of the tune up, we will write up, sign, and deliver a formal assessment. This assessment documents the work performed, rates the condition of various areas of the roof, and gives an estimated roof life expectancy.

Care or Repair Plan

If the roof needs repairs beyond the scope of the tune-up, we will provide recommendations and an estimate for the needed work. If the roof is nearing the end of its life, but has some life left, we will offer a maintenance plan designed to get every day of life out of your roof. If the roof needs full replacement, we will write up and deliver an estimate for a new roof.

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